Facts & Figures

Why choose Philippines as your retirement destination

The Philippines is ranked 21st Best Place to Retire in the World (2018).
International Living, Annual Retirement Index

The Philippines is 8th Top Expat Destination (2014).
Inter Nations Survey by Expats Insider

The Philippines' projected GDP rate for 2019 is 6.4%, outpacing Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
Asian Development Bank and World Bank

The Philippines is 12th largest in population, with average age of 23.4, ranking 169th from the oldest to youngest.
UN estimates, June 2019

The Philippines' investment ratings are at an all-time high at BBB+, BBB and Baa2. by S&P, Fitch and Moody's, respectively;
S&P, Fitch and Moody's

Philippine interest rate is at 4% as of November 2019.
Compare that to:
Singapore: 1.72%;
South Korea: 1.25%;
Thailand: 1.25% and
Japan: -0.10%

Three out of the 10 best islands in Asia are in the Philippines according to Travel+Leisure
Palawan - 2nd, Cebu - 7th, Boracay - 9th

Why Foreigners choose to stay in the Philippines

Made the Philippines as their second home as the pension they receive is not enough back in their home country

Their children are sent to school in the Philippines to study English and to attain college degrees

The Philippines is their halfway home during winter season

The Philippines is a get-away destination with captivating beaches

Investment opportunities due to booming Philippine economy

Simply retire from work and do volunteer services for the community